Christian Raine Thomas

Growing Up

Christian Thomas lived a simple life. He had an engineer for a father and a mining administrator for a mother. His father disappeared one day when he was only three years old. Christian's mother, Annabelle, fought through deep depression over the loss of her husband, Raine, in order to make sure Christian had a modest life. Because Christian could feel the pain his mother bared, he had to become a very optimistic person, in order to keep his mother happy. He grew up and was just like any other kid, except he had to perform cheap street magic for some money. He had three close friends growing up, Michael, Lucas, and Jeremy. The four stayed close their whole childhood. When Christian and his friends were of the mere age of nine-teen, their wholes lives would completely change.


  • Annabelle Thomas - Mother
  • Raine Thomas - Father
  • Michael Black - Friend
  • Lucas Bell - Friend
  • Jeremy Powell - Friend


Physical Appearance

Young, innocent looking kid, but with a mildly intimidating physique(stands tall with broad shoulders) and with medium-long dark brown/black hair. Nine-teen years old, weighs about 180 pounds, and stands 6' 2". When he becomes corrupted, his skin tints black, but he has blue veins that shoot across his body.

He wears the old robes that he used during his street performing. The robes look very similar to the picture above and are intended to look very "magical" in order to impress his audience.


He is very optimistic and caring. Even though he is very caring, his family always comes first. He appreciates it whenever someone does something for him and seeks to give back, which is why he feels almost obligated to erase his mom's debt that was created by her providing for him. He is so optimistic that sometimes, if something truly tragic happens, his memory will block the event out completely. His motto would be "Ignorance is bliss".


Level Name Type Description Augment Cooldown Action Resource


1 Chaos Spike Single


Deals damage to a single target

-Efficiency: 100

2 Chaos Blast AoE Deals damage to all enemies


3 Drain Life Single


4 Succumb Effect
5 Domination Single


6 Obliterate Single



7 Execute Single


8 Multi-Cast Effect
9 Augment Effect
10 Ferocity Toggle
11 Corrupted





---- Cat Killed the Curiosity Limit Break